My Testimony

Pastor Stan Craig

Pastor Stan Craig

I was truly Born Again, Saved, Washed in the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, on Tuesday, March the 22nd, 1964 at 2 A. M. in the morning on a knotted pine floor, in Pastor Larry Child’s study, in North Augusta, South Carolina. I was Lost, but Jesus found me, put His loving arms around me, and birthed me into the family of God. The precious Holy Spirit had brought great conviction upon my sinful heart and soul, and my conscience was deeply pricked within. I realized I was a lost sinner, and could only be Saved by Grace through faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I called the One Who died in my place on Calvary, and He Saved me. I’m just a sinner, saved by Grace. I was as Lost, but the Light of the World dispelled all my darkness.


Shortly after God saved me, He also Called me to Preach the Glorious Gospel of Christ, which I have sought to do for Forty-Six years. God has allowed me to Preach and Teach His Preserved Word, the King James Bible, as an Evangelist, Camp Meeting Preacher, Revivalist, Radio and Television Preacher, Bible College Instructor, Writer, Missionary, and Pastor. I was the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mason, West Virginia and Fairview Baptist Church of New Haven, West Virginia for 3 years at same time. I was also pastor at the Master’s Baptist Church in Whitmire, South Carolina for 3 1/2 years, and then at Choice Hills Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina, where I have had the God-given privilege to serve for thirty-six years. I have been the Pastor of Choice Hills since it began in a house with 18 charter members in 1973. We grew from eighteen members to better than twelve-hundred and fifty while in the S.B.C.God led me to lead the Choice Hills Baptist Church out of the S.B.C. in June of 1985, which we did, based upon Biblical principles and convictions. The LORD has blessed our dear believers, allowing us to build wonderful facilities, and give prayer and financial support to approximately one-hundred and forty Bible- believing Missionaries & Evangelists through our world-wide Ministries. We have seen many sinners Saved, Baptized, and Discipled for Christ over the past thirty years.

Pastor Stan teaches the Luke 2:52 Bible Club.

Pastor Stan teaches the Luke 2:52 Bible Club.

The LORD has Blessed me with a wonderful family consisting of five children – three boys and two girls, and eleven grand children. God gave me a most wonderful, loving, Godly, Christian wife for thirty-seven years, but picked this beautiful flower from His garden on May the 5th, 2006, at 11:05 in the morning, after a brief illness. Soon, we would have been married for forty years.

God enabled me to receive a wonderful education which has been based upon the teachings of the Word of God. I completed Columbia High School in Columbia, S.C and then served in the United States Air Force in Vietnam. After my tour of duty, I attended North Greenville University, Rio Grande College, Baptist Seminary, and other schools, until I had received my Doctor of Divinity degree. As a Pastor, I’ve also taught Sunday School classes for many years, as well as Teaching at the TABERNACLE BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE for more than sixteen years.

I have preached over a daily radio broadcast for nearly forty years, My first program was called, The Old-Fashioned, Fundamental, Independent, King James Bible Believing, Gospel Preacher. For nearly 36 years, I have preached every day on The Trumpet Pulpit! I have also had programs on television, as the opportunity presented itself. May God continue to allow me the privilege of Preaching the Gospel to thousands daily.

We are reaching the entire world with the Gospel over WTBI – FM, 91:5 out of Tabernacle Baptist Church., our Church Web Site, and our Church Tape Ministry. We have a writing ministry, have published some books already, and intend to publish several more shortly. God has also blessed our tract writing ministry, and hopefully this will be expanded in the near future. God has permitted me to serve as the Chairman of Citizens for Traditional Family Values in the upstate of S.C. since 1996. This affords me many opportunities to lead in taking a Biblical stand against those evils in society which seek to destroy our moral fiber, and stand for that which is Right in God’s sight.

I have been the only Pastor since our church began in 1973 with 18 charter members. many have been Saved, Baptized, and discipled for Christ. We grew from eighteen to over twelve-hundred and Fifty. In June of 1985, God led me to lead our church out of the S.B.C. and no longer be associated with a denomination. This we did, by the grace of God, and have seen the LORD bless us a an Old-Fashioned, Fundamental, Independent, Dependent on God, Bible-Believing, God-Honoring, Christ-Exalting, Spirit-Filled, Evangelistic, Mission-Hearted, Devil-Resisting, Separated, Sin-Hating, Holy-Living, Daily-Praying, Sound Doctrine Baptist-with a capital B, New Testament Church!

We continue to move forward in Christ, Watching and Praying, Working and Praying, Walking and Praying, Witnessing and Praying, Waiting and Praying, with a Blessed Hope that is as bright as the promises of God Himself. We have future plans and purposes such as building more facilities, including such things as a family oriented activities building, a Care home for our members who need assisted living, a camp for religious meeting, rallies, recreation, fellowship, and more.